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Le Petite Affordable Silicone Breast Enhancer

Price: $101.95

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Introducing the perfect Little enhancing form!

Just place these petite enhancers under your bust to instantly "Perk em up" for that perfect look! Great for those of you that have some breast tissue that want a bit more cleavage and pushup... or for those who prefer a small busted look.

CAUTION: Many other online suppliers sell lower quality, and much lower priced silicone breast forms, however the skin reactions that can occur from wearing their products made of non-medical grade silicone can be quite itchy and can possibly cause lingering rashes. We provide only safe medical grade silicone breast form products!

Made of Top Grade Medical Silicone and finished off with our special projected nipple (most enhancers do not have a built in realistic nipple)

Normally sell for over $150.00, but you can get them here for only $99.00!

Sizes and measurements:

Size S: 6" x 5" x 1.5"height
Size M: 6.5" x 5." x 1.5"height

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